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ATP 3" Inlet pipe Eliminator2 (E2)Series, 1.8T FWD
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: ATP-VVW-206
Price: $195.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
Color of Silicone Hoses:
ATP 3" Inlet pipe Eliminator2 (E2)Series, works on all transmissions including 5speed, 6 speed, and Auto/Tiptronic, critical for making big power on the bolt-on turbo kit by allowing the turbo to have restriction-free breathing. Connects turbo inlet to the stock airbox or MAF housing in OEM location. The inlet pipe includes critical ports such as diverter valve reroute, PCV (crankcase breather) reroute, N75 and purge valve reroute nipples.

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