2015+ Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost
Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L ATP Downpipe: Test Results
  • Bolt-on 3" downpipe available in 3 configurations
  • Standard Configuration: Bolts on to stock turbo and stock exhaust system
  • Modular Exhaust configuration: Bolts on to stock turbo, includes 3" V-band flange for FULL 3" exhaust, and 3" V-band flange adapter to stock 2.25" exhaust system
  • Modular Turbo and Exhaust configuration: Includes 3" V-band flange for FULL 3" exhaust, 3" V-band flange adapter to stock 2.25" exhaust system, and 3" V-band flange adapter to stock turbo, which is interchangeable to a future turbo upgrade adapter
  • Constructed from 100% 304 Stainless piping, v-band clamps, and flanges
  • Manufactured in-house using precision CNC Mandrel pipe bending machinery
Dyno Results:

Tune only vs. Stock

ATP Downpipe & Tune vs. Tune only

ATP Downpipe & Tune vs. Stock
Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L ATP Intercooler (Garrett Core): Test Results
  • ATP Intercooler (Garrett Core) eliminates a significant airflow restriction caused by the Stock Intercooler
  • Reduced intake air temperatures (IAT) by over 50 degrees F
  • Results: significant gains throughout the entire powerband with no additional changes (hardware or tune)
  • Supports air flow and air cooling requirements for turbo upgrades (turbo upgrade results coming soon!)
Dyno Results:

ATP Intercooler (Garrett Core), ATP Downpipe & Tune
ATP Downpipe & Tune

ATP Intercooler (Garrett Core), ATP Downpipe & Tune
Product Development Test Notes: During initial testing of the Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L turbo engine platform, we encountered symptoms that the factory intercooler was insufficient in supporting the airflow even for the stock turbo (200+ degrees Fahrenheit intake air temperatures and steep drop in mid to top-end power).

We investigated the issues and realized the following:

First, charged air was not flowing fast enough through the intercooler for engine consumption. Due to excessive pressure drop across the core, the factory intercooler was identified as a major choking point. In fact, the inefficiency of the factory intercooler is the most severe case we encountered from any turbo platform including all of the Ford EcoBoost engines.

Second, low-density attributes of the factory intercooler posed a major issue for its thermal cooling capabilities. As a result, the factory intercooler not only restricted airflow, but also failed to effectively remove heat from the reduced airflow passing through the core. On a cold engine, one single 3rd and 4th gear run resulted in charge air temperatures beyond 200 degrees Fahrenheit! This is very hot! It's unsustainable for the engine to operate continuously with these air temperatures and remain reliable.

We replaced the factory intercooler with a sufficient high density and high flowing Garrett intercooler core. Immediately we recovered the pressure drop at the core and logged charge air temperatures 50 degrees cooler! Finally, we are able to provide adequate thermal cooling for the turbo system.

The dyno chart represents eliminating the airflow bottleneck from the factory intercooler and enabling ALL (unrestricted) airflow to the engine. Additionally, cooler charged air temperatures (the result of improved thermal cooling) create increased air density for the engine. The results, A LOT more power and torque (and available consistently due to less heat soak).

The ATP Intercooler (Garrett core) for the Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L works exceptionally well with the stock turbo and performs even better with an upgraded turbo (results coming soon). Invest in one!