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*NO STOCK - NO SOLID ETA* GT28 Journal Bearing Turbo with Actuator .86 A/R, 330HP
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: GRT-TBO-073
Price: $810.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
Exclude Both Housings (-$300 credit)
*NO STOCK - NO SOLID ETA* GT28 Journal Bearing Turbo with Actuator .86 A/R, 330HP

Turbo WITH ACTUATOR 330 HP Journal Bearing turbo, T25/GT28 flanged .86 A/R turbine housing
This unit is usually in stock and ships withing 1-2 days.

Applicable Garrett P/N's:


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ATP-FLA-010 Aluminum - Oil Drain ( return ) Flange (GT25, GT28, GTX28, GTX29, GT30, GTX30, GT35, GTX35, T25, T28 $13.95
ATP-FLS-002 Mild Steel - T25/GT25 Inlet Weld Flange $23.00
GRT-GSK-004 Gasket, T25/GT25 Turbine Inlet for GT25 GT28/GTX28 $6.95
ATP-FTG-003 Banjo Fitting Kit for coolant lines - 14mm Machined Alum to 1/4" NPT $22.00
ATP-FLA-011 3 bolt outlet adapter flange - GT28R/GT25R/T25 Compressor outlet, aluminum $39.00
GRT-GSK-010 T25 Oil Drain Flange Gasket - Journal Bearing T25, GT28 Journal Bearing $4.00
ATP-FLS-023 V-Band Adapter - GT25/GT28/GT307X-WG Series $95.00
ATP-FLA-012 2 Bolt Inlet Adapter Flange GT25/28/28RS, alum, 2.5" OD $39.00
ATP-FLS-026 Steel - GT25/GT28R/GT28RS & T25/T28 Disch Flange $24.00
ATP-FTG-004 14mm Banjo Fitting Set for coolant lines - 3/8" (10mm) Barb (common size) $18.00
ATP-FTG-012 Fitting, Metric 14mm to -6AN, Male to Male (For coolant or oil) GT/GTX28 30 35 $14.95
ATP-FLS-037 Stainless Steel - T25/GT25 Inlet Weld Flange $24.00
ATP-FLS-042 Discharge Flange for GT25/GT28 - 3D-Weld-on $49.00
ATP-FLS-052 Downpipe Discharge Flange with Divorced Ports 2.25" and 1.5" $44.00
ATP-FTG-029 -4 size Oil inlet fitting for T25/T28 or unrestricted GT25R/GT28R/GT30R/GT35R $8.50
ATP-FLS-056 Inlet Adapter Flange 3" racing , for GT28R and other 2 bolt Garrett Housings $49.00
ATP-FLA-016 Machined Aluminum Compressor Inlet 2.5" Low Profile $29.00
ATP-FTG-038 UNRESTRICTED Banjo Bolt for Low Profile oil inlet - GT & GTX (GT25 through GTX35)Ball Bearing Turbo $14.95
ATP-FTG-039 -3 size Oil inlet fitting for T25/T28 or unrestricted GT25R/GT28R/GT30R/GT35R $12.00
ATP-FLS-081 V2.0 Flange: GT25R/ GT28R/ GT28RS/ GT3071R-WG - Mild Steel $26.00
ATP-FLA-019 Oil Return ( drain ) Flange with integrated -10 Flare for GT15 Through GT35R (and GTX28 thru GTX35) $19.95
ATP-FLA-023 Oil Return (Drain) Flange with integrated 5/8" barb For GT15 Through GT35R, GTX28 GTX30 GTX35 G25 $19.95
GRT-TBO-059 Journal Bearing Garrett GT28 - T3 5 bolt .63 A/R 350HP+ $865.59
ATP-FTG-053 Banjo Fitting Kit, (1) ALUM Banjo fitting 14mm hole (for 14mm bolt) with -6 AN male flare $29.90
ATP-FTG-052 ALUM Banjo Fitting, 14mm hole (for 14mm bolt) with -6 AN male flare. $19.95
ATP-FTG-054 UNRESTRICTED Banjo style low profile -4 AN oil feed kit, incl. bolt, GT25 GT28 GTX28 GT30/35 GTX35 $24.95
ATP-FTG-055 Low profile -3 LINE Kit for GT25R through GT35R turbos (with 48" -3 line) $49.00
ATP-GSK-016 Gasket, 5-Bolt for Garrett T25 Flanged GT28/30R-WG Turbine Housings $6.95
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