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Aluminum - Oil Drain ( return ) Flange (GT25, GT28, GTX28, GTX29, GT30, GTX30, GT35, GTX35, T25, T28
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: ATP-FLA-010
Price: $13.95
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Check this box if you want the special version to fit the Evo 8/9 Oil pan
Aluminum - Oil Drain ( return ) Flange (GT25, GT28, GTX28, GTX29, GT30, GTX30, GT35, GTX35, T25, T28

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Product Description:
    Billet aluminum oil drain flange (oil return flange) for Garrett GT ball bearing series, Garrett GTX ball bearing series (specific model compatibility below) and T25 / T28 Non-ball bearing turbochargers.

    Threaded for a 1/2 inch NPT fitting or use our 1/2" NPT to -10AN fittings (straight 1/2" NPT to -10AN), (45 degree 1/2" NPT to -10AN), or (90 degree 1/2" NPT to -10AN)

    Install the flange to the turbo with 8mm thread x 1.25 pitch allen head bolts.
Installation Components: Compatible Garrett GT And GTX Turbochargers:
  • GT2554R aka GT25R
  • GT2560R aka GT28R
  • GT2860RS
  • GT2871R
  • GT2876R aka GT25/40R
  • GTX2860R
  • GTX2863R
  • GTX2867R
  • GTX2871R
  • GT3071R-WG
  • GT3076R-WG
  • GTX2967R
  • GTX2971R
  • GTX2976R
  • GT3071R
  • GT3076R
  • GT3082R
  • GTX3067R
  • GTX3071R
  • GTX3076R
  • GT3582R
  • GTX3576R
  • GTX3582R

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