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DOWNPIPE FLANGE, Stainless 3" GT V-Band w/ 81mm protruded lip, Garrett Housings with 90mm (3.55) OD

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Code: ATP-FLS-246
Price: $26.00
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Product Description:

V-Band Gasket Now Available!

Stainless 3" downpipe weld flange with a protruded lip and 81mm diameter centering ring.

Designed for all Garrett turbine housings with a "GT" 3 Inch V-Band outlet flange.

Garrett GTX29, GT30, GTX30, GEN2 GTX30, GT35, GTX35, GEN2 GTX35, GTX84RS, GT40, and GTX40 series models are available with a Garrett turbine housing including a "GT" 3 Inch V-Band outlet flange.

Application Notes:
* The Garrett "GT" 3 Inch V-band flange has a 81mm diameter recessed lip (inward groove).
* This flange includes a protruded lip and 81mm diameter centering ring which fits into the Garrett "GT" 3 Inch V-Band Flange.
* This flange has a 3.55" (90mm) diameter outer ring.

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