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*NO STOCK - NO ETA* - Divorced and transformable 3" Downpipe for Evo X

Quantity in Basket: None
Code: ATP-VEVO-023
Price: $395.00
Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds


Add the 44mm Wastegate and flange modules ($439 add'l)
Add Just the flange modules for use with my own V44 wastegate ($64 add'l)
Color of wastegate (only if ordered):
Vent my external wastegate to atmosphere
Add Just the flange modules for use with my own MVS38 wastegate ($64 add'l)
Vent my stock internal wastegate to atmosphere
Check this box if you want to keep the recirc tube on the main pipe (even though you chose atmosheric dump tube)
*NO STOCK - NO ETA* - Divorced and transformable 3

Shown with the optional external wastegate and attachment flanges.

Shown with optional vent to atmosphere dump tube.

Shown with optional internal wastegate vent to atmosphere dump tube.

The divorced and transformable 3" stainless O2 housing and downpipe assembly for 2008 and up Mitsubishi Evolution X (10) is a much higher flowing replacement for stock restrictive cast iron exhaust elbow and small diameter downpipe just before the cat. This unit bolts right up to the stock turbo and facilitates a greater amount of exhaust flow out of the turbine while reducing the amount of turbulance in the erea near the turbine wheel discharge. The result is much quicker boost response throughout all gears, big gains in torque and much higher HP all the way through redline. Even when mated to the stock exhaust system, we saw huge gains due to the increased exhaust flow. We also saw lower EGT's which above and beyond the power and torque gains, can increase reliability on the EVO X engine.

This unit is constructed of a thick 1/2" CNC machined discharge flange, 304 grade stainless mandrel bent tubing, a high flow 3" stainless flex joint, and TIG welding for better appearance and durability. 02 bung is also in place for factory 02 sensor. The unit is totally optimized for flow while retaining the compactness so you can re-install the factory stock manifold heatshield.

This is a must have for anyone looking to unleash all the power in a stock (or other factory location) turbocharger. We have tested this application to support well over 500HP.

To further protect your investment on this 02 housing/downpipe assembly, we have designed this unit to be "transformable' to be used with an external wastegate. This additional feature allows you to simply (through a seamless process), disable the internal wastegate and install a Tial V-banded 38mm or 44mm wastegate at will (and literally on the fly). The process allows you to go from internal to external gate without removing the 02 housing/downpipe once it has already been installed. Those who have used external wastegates know that going from internal to external wastegate allows for far more precise boost control and increases the overall reliability of the entire turbo/engine setup due to the better controllability. Internally wastegates are generally more "convenient" to use but tuning a high HP / high boost turbo setup can sometimes involve the process of "boost curve chasing" where dangerous "overshoots" or disappointing "drop-offs" can occur when trying to "dial in" the boost range. The external wastegate (especially the Tial V- banded units) allows for more precise boost control and has an abundance of spring pressure combinations that allow you to set boost levels much more easily with greater precision. Adding the exteranl wastegate onto the EVO X engine will result in additional HP gains above and beyond the 02 housing/donwpipe itself due to better exhaust breathing.

Additional notes on this application:
- The standard pricing of the 02 housing/downpipe assembly is for the housing with the standard flanged dumptube (internal wastegate use), and t-bolt clamp (at the reroute back into the downpipe).
- The external wastegate as well as the in/out flanges are additional

This downpipe used in internal wastegate form to make 465AWHP on this setup:

It is then used in external wastegate mode to make over 500AWHP on this setup:

Note to the customer: If you are using this with external wastegate configuration mounted on the side. please remove the gasket between 5 bolt flange, and the turbine housing.

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