"Upgrading to a bigger turbo has never been easier"

Enter the K03/K04 Eliminators

The eliminator product is very easy and straight forward to use. It is basically a higher flowing, direct replacement turbo that goes right into the stock turbo location. You do not have to change the turbo system around. Basically, you just "eliminate" the K03 or K04 that you have and "bolt-on" the new Garrett GT based unit. We've designed the higher flowing Garrett unit to sit in the original location to achieve a subtle visual effect. We wanted the Garrett GT turbo to look OEM once it's integrated into the turbo engine bay. It uses most of the OEM gaskets and mounting points. This means the flange that mounts the turbo to the manifold is stock appearing and the flange that mount to the downpipe is the same as stock. So, you don't have to change out your exhaust manifold or downpipe if you do not want to. If you already spent $1000 on company X's 3" downpipe for your stock turbo, you can still keep it and it will fit with your new turbo. At least now, the new turbo will let you take full advantage of it. Your stock or custom front mounted intercooler will still work with the new turbo, without any "reconfiguration" of the piping work.

Each Eliminator hardware package consists of:

Once the Eliminator hardware is installed, you will have a foundation for a high HP powerplant. The Eliminator turbo is capable flowing up to 200% more air than the stock turbo. This means, you can now run higher boost levels to achieve much higher HP and Torque without running out of air. Most stock K03 turbos are rated at 200HP max and will usually overspin and "blow up" when taken beyond that point. The K04 unit flows more than the K03, but is only rated at 240HP and will encounter reliability issues above that HP range. The Garrett GT based Eliminators are rated anywhere between 260HP (on the small, quick spooling end), all the way to 400HP (on the larger, I want to brag about end). For customers who want to take full advantage of the strength and power dynamics of the little 1.8T, these new turbos can unleash the beast from within the engine. The uniquely sturdy iron block coupled with the high flowing 20V cylinder head makes the 1.8T a serious hotrod when mated with the right turbocharger.

What are the benefits of going with the "Eliminators" over conventional "Turbo Kits"?

1. Ease of installation - By taking advantage of the existing engine layout, the eliminator occupies a space that is a little larger than stock, but does not require a complete reconfiguration of the engine bay. By using many of the same mounting points as "stock", the installer can be familiar with the process quicker, making for an overall easier install. Most conventional "turbo kits" are completely re-invented with 100% new parts requiring a lot more disassembly and reassembly work. The installation technician's familiarity with the conventional "turbo kit" is often limited to prior experience of the same kit and installation quality can be effected by the amount of experience he has with that kit. By making the installation process very similar to the original part, the installation technician has an immediate jump on installation quality.

2. Reliability of the system - Even though the factory stock K03 and K04 turbo units themselves are known to fail often, the connection points utilizing factory fasteners (e.g. turbo to manifold bolts, turbo to downpipe bolts, oil return line, etc.) are 100% reliable, often lasting for 100Ks miles if untouched. By replacing the weakest link (the factory K03/K04 turbo) with the more reliable Garrett unit and by retaining the reliable factory connection points along with OEM gaskets and fasteners, we are able to offer a system that is overall more reliable than stock. Since most conventional "turbo kits" replace 100% of the factory connection points, gaskets, and fasteners with all "aftermarket" pieces, the ability for the system to "hold" itself together can only be indicated over time. Historical data shows that the most common "turbo kit" issues has to do with fasteners and gaskets.

3. Simplicity - The eliminators represent the epitome of keeping things simple. By only replacing the weak link of the turbo system (the factory turbo), the customer can retain the things that have been properly engineered from the factory and use it with the new turbo.

4. Cost - The Eliminator series upgrade kits cost far less than any comparable "turbo kit" that is capable of the same HP range. The lower cost of the Eliminators is only a side effect of literally "eliminating" the unnecessary elements of a typical "turbo upgrade". The typical "turbo kit" frivolously replaces and rearranges everything under the engine bay with all new parts in order to bolt up the new turbo. Since each and every replacement part comes at a cost, the overall cost adds up quickly, hence the reason for the expensive price tag of other turbo kits. The Eliminator series retains parts of the system that has been proven to be factory reliable and couples that with a powerful proven race bread turbo from the Garrett GT line. The resulting "package" can be hard to beat in terms of cost and overall value.

Other benefits:
Stock appearing and emissions friendly - If you are looking for flash, this setup is not for you. This system is really a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. Once the eliminator hardware is installed, it is very hard to detect visually. Through many of our "field tests", these turbos have easily slid through the radars of emissions tech undetected. These are adequate replacements for factory units in both emissions output testing and most visual compliance tests.

Serviceability - Because the eliminators only occupy mostly the original space designed for the turbo within the engine bay, the technicians will be more receptive of handling an engine with this type of upgrade. There is a less chance "scaring" away your usual service technician who normally would be visually overwhelmed by a "big turbo kit" with all new parts in a re-arranged engine bay.


Does the Eliminator kit provide a complete "tuned" solution that will support the higher HP levels? No! Our commitment with each eliminator hardware kit is to provide the customer with 100% of the parts for an easy installation to build the "hardware" foundation for the high HP powerplant. The "high HP powerplant" can only be realized by supplementing the eliminator hardware with the proper "software" and/or "fueling solution" in order to support the higher boost/airflow generated by the eliminator series turbos. There is an array of ways to build the proper fueling solution for a "turbo kit" that can range from a piggyback fuel computer all the way to a fully programmable stand-alone ECU box.

We have successfully worked with TurboTec to build "Mika Tuned Fueling Kits" for many of the eliminator applications. Each fueling kit consists of an extensively recalibrated ECU reprogram for your stock ECU, matched to the proper injector set along with some supporting installation components. Please inquire about these "fueling kits" separately.

Other enhancements:
The Eliminator series, just like any other turbo will respond well to "enhancement" modifications. Restrictive catalytic converters and small downpipes can rob the turbo of its potential. Just like any other turbo, upgrading the exhaust flow and relieving backpressure before and after the exhaust system will result in a quicker spoolup as well as a wider torque band and higher peak HP.

Don't forget the turbo inlet hose! The turbo also has to inhale well in order to generate big HP. One downfall of the eliminators is it is often shipped with a "reducing" inlet adapter. This allows the factory inlet hose to connect to it easily. By removing the "restrictive" inlet adapter, you can unleash a great deal of potential built into the turbo. Don't be surprised if 30 to 40 WHP HP and 1000 rpms earlier spoolup is achieved with an upgraded inlet pipe. This has been proven many times over on many dyno sessions.