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Evolution VIII

The New EVO-8 Upgrades

Stock vs Base Stage III Turbo w/20psi

Back to back dyno shown above between stock turbo and Stage III with new Garrett Prototype Ball Bearing Turbo. Engine is completely stock with the exception of a 3.00" exhaust system to compliment the 3.00" Stainless downpipe included in the kit. Stock airbox, stock front mounted intercooler, and stock cams are all retained. Fueling is done via 660cc injectors and a custom tuned Works Rally reflashed ECU.

Stage III Upgrade (aka "Stealth Kit"): At Final Production!
Shipping in Late January 2004

We announce a unique concept to achieving "BIG" HP for the EVO8 platform. After months of testing and development with the EVO8 engine combination, we have devised an upgrade system that is both elegant and simplistic while accepting no compromises in power potential or reliability. With POWER and RELIABILITY being the two key criteria for the development of the EVO8 turbo upgrade kit, we set out to test every possible hardware combination available. At the end of the day (or months), we have concluded these two objectives can only be achieved through proper engineering of each component (for performance and durability) and then integrating these with the latest turbocharging technology available today. In our kit, you will find a system that integrates a plethora of unique but well designed components that compliment each other to achieve those two things that you care about most. In addition, in an attempt to exceed the customers' expections we have added other features such as a "direct-bolt-up" housing that overcomes the "reverse-rotation" issue, v-band downpipe discharge, bolt-up oil/coolant kits, etc. in order to make the installation process as simple as possible.

Some things to expect:
-Garrett Prototype GT Ball Bearing turbo w/ ATP Proprietary Housing
-ATP Custom Cast Housing with GT High-Flowing Valute
-Bolt-in design retains stock manifold
-Retains stock heatshield for OEM appearance
-Steel Braided lines and fittings for oil/coolant connections
-Tial 38mm External Wastegate
-Stainless wastegate discharge tube with downpipe reroute
-Inlet and charge pipes, silicone connectors and clamps
-All mounting hardware, gaskets and CNC machined fittings
-400 WHP (500 crank) attainable on modest boost levels

$2395 (Prelimary pricing for complete bolt-on kit)

Optional / Upgrade Paths:
-Ecu Upgrade / Reflash
-Piggyback systems
-Stand-alone EMS
-Larger Injectors
-Specify above kit with GT35R (600 HP) drop-in turbo option for small upgrade fee


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