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Official Garrett GT-R Ball Bearing Line Up

The Following is The Line Up of "Off The Shelf" Garrett GT-R (R for  Ball Bearing) turbochargers

Turbo Unit Turbine Wheel Compressor Wheel Flow Capacity
GT25R 53mm 54.4mm 240 HP
GT28R 53mm 60mm 290 HP
GT28RS 53.85mm 60mm 350 HP
GT2871R 53.85mm 71mm 400 HP
GT3071RWG 56.5mm 71mm 450 HP
GT3071R 60mm 71mm 450 HP
GT30R 60mm 76mm 500 HP
GT35/40R 68mm 82mm 600 HP
GT40R 77mm 88mm 700 HP
GT42R 82mm 94mm 850 HP
GT42RS 82mm 102mm 1000 HP


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