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Release : 09.23.09
How much power would my car make on a "DynoJet Dyno"?

We reveal the answer here for you today!

We have been bombarded here recently (and over the years) with phone calls from people who have gotten their cars tuned on non-dynojet dynos and then have become extremely curious as to what their car would put down on a "dynojet dyno". After all, there is supposedly a conversion factor of 1.15 to 1.20 (15 - 20%) floating around somewhere as a delta between the dynojet and other dynos.

It was unintended, but we recently had the opportunity to gather this bit of data that does just that, it compares the delta between our Dynojet AWD dyno against a Mustang AWD dyno on a tuned Mitsubishi Evo! Same car, same mods, same tune, same condition, same climate, two different dynos located 1/2 mile away from each other. The car was literally driven from one dyno and strapped onto the other.

Here are the runs made on the Mustang AWD dyno:

On one run, the car made 393 WHP and 325 lb/ft of torque

On the other run, the car made  397 WHP and 331 lb/f of torque


Now, here are the runs made on our Dynojet AWD almost immediately after with the car 100% untouched:

We did 3 pulls and got a best run of 395 WHP (right in between the numbers made on the Mustang Dyno)

The best run was then plotted with a torque reading and it made 324 lb/ft (RPM pick-up dropped out after 7300 rpms on this RPM based plot, but you can see the full
power plot on the speed (MPH) based plot of the same run on the top page)


Once again, same car, same mods, same tune.  Car was driven from one dyno to the other and was untouched.

So the answer is....maybe a 1-2 HP or maybe even 1-2 HP less, but certainly not 10 or 15%!  In fact the numbers are pretty darn close to call it even.

Depending on what your expections were, you might be relieved or disappointed, but now you know you don't need to waste your money on another expensive dyno session!


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