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Release : 10.31.05

Introducing the Ultimate Internal Wastegate!

For those that just prefer to go "internal", we now have a "no compromise" internal wastegate design available that will knock your socks off! Whatever the reason for sticking with the internal gate....whether it's to keep exhaust plumbing simple, or to minimize the amount of fabrication work, all of the flow benefits of the external are now available internal form.

In response to our customers' demands for an internal wastegate that can handle big HP generated by the GT BB series, we have developed this new "swingvalve assembly" that is a combination of a turbine discharge, wastegate flapper valve, and V-band adapter into one neat package. Once this valve is bolted onto the standard 5 bolt T3 housing along with an actuator of choice, the turbo becomes a standalone wastegate unit that is adaptable to any standard 3" V-band downpipe design.

Shown below is a GT30R (GT3076R) with the new internal wastegate assembly.
Notice the free flowing exhaust path and unlike most swingvalves currently on the market, there is no obstruction behind the flapper door. The flapper arm is allowed to do a full swing under wastegated mode rather than the typical 5 - 10 degree maximum limit.

This new internal wastegate is fully compatible with most 5 bolt style T3 housings on the market, including ATP's own 5 bolt housing especially casted to house the Garrett GT Ball Bearing series including models such as GT28RS, GT2871R, GT3071R, GT30R/GT3076R, GT30/40R and the GT35/40R.



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