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Release : 06.30.05
Garrett Ball Bearing Turbo Choices:
- GT28RS (350HP)
- GT2871R (400HP)
- GT3071R (450HP)
- GT3076R (500HP)

ATP Proprietary cast drop-in exhaust housing
Genuine Garrett Factory balanced CHRA's with genuine Garrett compressor housings
Ease of Installation
Seamless - "bolt-on" transition to external wastegate 38mm or 44mm

The internal wastegated bolt-on Garrett GT3071R and GT3076R kits now shipping...

GT3071R Subaru Kit

GT3076R Subaru Kit

Testing continues on the new ATP bolt-on upgrade utilizing the first level turbo (Garrett GT3071R) option. Still sporting the stock TMIC and stock exhaust, project STI appears even more mild mannered than the average STI off the street. Once at the dragstrip, the project car unleashes the beast within and one can only take note of its willingness to pull through the 1/4 mile with so much force.

We found the 3071R powered STI with the 400/400 combo to be incredibly easy to drive with most of the torque available even at part throttle. The turbo seems to compliment the shorter gearing of the STI gearbox quite well, providing the most available torque between gear changes...and even with the modest amount of power made, the STI still goes through the traps at halfway through 5th gear...that's a lot of shifting!

Best ET on CA 91 octane pump gas: 12.6 @ 109 MPH

With Roger Williams behind the wheel and a mix of 104 Octane along with an add'l 6 degrees of advance: 12.06 @ 115.7MPH

Roger finds it easy to nail consistent low 1.6x sixty foot times with 4500 rpm launches and pedaling through the spinning stock tires.

More to come...

Dyno shows stock STI vs. upgraded ATP Turbo Kit
Testing continues.... Look for further updates as 3 other larger trim GT
Ball bearing turbos are explored for the STI platform.

More Info Coming Soon!


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