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Release : 09.12.06

Direct V-Band now available even on the T31 exhaust housing.

A large diameter downpipe in a tightly packed engine bay can prove to be a real installation obstacle, especially when utilizing a turbo equipped with a T31 exhaust housing.  Unlike the newer  "GT" 4 bolt exhaust housing with the conically tapered discharge in a 3" ID opening, the T31 exhaust housing utilizes a short discharge path and a flange that has a scaled down version of the 4 bolt pattern with a 2.5" ID opening. The bolt spacing itself is also 2.5" side to side, center to center.

The T31 exhaust housing can be found on many older T series, T3, and T3/T4 turbos.  It can also be found on some aftermarket versions of the GT turbo assembly, whereby the GT turbo has been assembled into the older T31 exhaust housing, in order to complete a turbo unit.

Due to the space contraint caused by this scaled down T31 flange, excessive notching of the tube is required when welding a 3" downpipe onto this flange.  As a result, installing and removing the bolts on this flange in this area can also be a challenge due to the lack of clearance and access.

We now have a solution to completely eliminate this  "hard-to-acess" 4 bolt exhaust joint.  We have now set up a process to machine the 4 "ears" off the existing T31 housing and in that process, carve the appropriate V-band flange directly onto the housing itself.  Therefore, we are able to completely eliminating the need to use a mating 4 bolt flange, and more importantly no longer needing the 4 nuts and bolts! The mating V-band flange can be used along with a 1 bolt v-band clamp as shown below. No gasket is required as it seals perfectly with no chance of nuts and bolts coming loose.

We have used this Direct V-band machining process on the GT version of the 4 bolt housing for well over a year now with great success.

The direct V-band option on the T31 housing will be offered in several different ways:

1. When ordering a new turbo from us that happens to use a T31 exhaust housing, the customer can elect to add a T31VB-250 add-on.   This add-on consists of 1) The housing on the ordered turbo to be machined to V-band, 2) A mating flange for the downpipe side, 3) the V-band Clamp used to join the flange and the housing.  P/N for the T31VB-250 addon is:  ATP-FLS-074 which can be added to any turbo order that has an applicable turbocharger.

2. On GT turbos that is currently offered with the T31 housing, there is now an option to select the T31VB-250 housing type.  Cost will be the same as the standard T31 housing.  Note:  This only applies to T31 and not the GT4 bolt housings where there is always a service charge to modify the already fully machined GT 4 bolt housings.

3. We may allow a direct swapout of a housing for the cost of the ATP-FLS-074 if your housing is 100% new unused and we happen to have the same housing on hand and in stock.  Request in advance for availability.

Turbo housing with standard T31 flange.

Same turbo shows already tight space with 2.5" diameter pipe.

Same turbo shown with T31VB-250 option.

V-band exhaust housing option - shown with 2.5" pipe slipped inside the flange.

V-band exhaust housing option - shown with 3.0 " pipe slipped over the flange.

Individual P/N's for ordering:

ATP-FLS-074   - T31VB-250 add-on kit for any T31 based turbo on same order

  - Mating flange for the downpipe side

CLC-CLA-012   - V-band clamp used to join the downpipe flange to housing flange.



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