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Release : 04.12.05
K03/K04 Eliminators!
The flexible range of reliable Garrett turbos available in direct bolt-on form via ATP cast housings. There is a turbo to suit even the most demanding of customers, ranging from the GT2X series which outspools and out flows the K04, to the popular and high power 350HP GT28RS.

"Don't replace it with another "KKK", go with a turbo by Garrett!

Direct bolt-on applications available for:

Longitudinally Audi A4/A6/VW passat 1.8T (Years 1996 to 2004) - 250-400HP
Available for online ordering July 5th, 2005
All orders will start shipping July 8th, 2005

All kit options including larger inlet pipe, race pipe, & fueling kit along with Mika tuned software will be ready for shipping as well. Software applications available for all ECU codes.

     GT2X Hardware Kit also available w/ Injectors and Software
     300 Crank HP
     0-60 Time: 5.7 Sec.
     0-60 Time: 4.9 Sec. (High octane run)
     1/4 Mile Time: 13.7 (3749 lbs car and driver)
     1/4 Mile Time: 13.2 (High octane run)
     Purchasing Information

     GTRS Hardware Kit Price also available w/ Injectors and Software
     350 Crank HP
     0-60 Time: TBD
     1/4 Mile Time: TBD
     Purchasing Information

400+ HP Exhaust Manifold (Stock Location): TBD

Twin Turbo 2.7T V6 Audi A6/S4/Allroad (Years 1998 to 2004) - 400-800HP
Production Delayed - ETA 6 Weeks

Transversely Mounted VW Golf/Jetta/GTI/Beetle 1.8T/Audi TT (Years 2000 - 2005) - 250-400HP
Production Delayed - ETA 6 Weeks

Update 09/19/05:
Preliminary dynos for Eliminator GT2871R testing.
Audi A4 AWD
Eliminator GTRS swapped out for GT2871R, 3" inlet pipe, stock SMIC, 3" testpipe, stock exhaust, Mika Tuned Fueling, 660cc Injectors
Audi A4 AWD
Eliminator GTRS swapped out for GT2871R, 3" inlet pipe, stock SMIC, 3" testpipe, 3" exhaust, Mika Tuned Fueling, 660cc Injectors
More useful Eliminator information:
At ATP, we are constantly bombarded with dyno charts and engine bay pictures from all of our good customers. Once every so often, we are presented with a package of information that has such a good collection of meaningful data that it prompts us to want to share it with our other customers. Such is the case with a recent package of information that came from one of our Tuner/Dealers in the Ontario region of Canada.

Chris @ Tapp Auto (www.tappauto.com) recently had the opportunity to install one of our Eliminator GTRS kits along with a Mika Tuned Fueling onto a customer's 2001 DBW B5 Audi A4. Needless to say, installation was seamless and simple for the folks at Tapp Auto as both the 1.8T and the turbo engine are familiar territory for this power hungry group of mechanical talents.

We're happy to report that the simplicity of the eliminator series turbo kit did impress the folks at Tapp Auto from both an installation and performance standpoint. Such is the reason that they have sent us this dyno info for us to share.

Dyno charts provided by Tapp Auto for 2001 Audi A4, DBW car.

Congrats to Tapp Auto for doing a fine job of implementing the eliminator GTRS on their customer's 2001 Audi A4 and a big thank you for the data provided!

Those customers in the Ontario, Canada should contact Tapp Auto (www.tappauto.com) for professional turbo installation work.

Customer Data:
Shown below, our customer Okan in Italy shows us a dyno graph of his car making 265WHP (305 crank HP) on a very healthy power curve using our eliminator GTRS kit and Mika Tuned fueling kit for his MY 2000 Passat DBW (B5). This example further affirms the robustness and consistency of the Mika Tuned software when being used in various parts the world under various operating conditions!
2000 Passat DBW (B5)
Eliminator w/Mika Tuned Fueling Kit
Update 08/18/05:

Eliminator for Transverse near completion.
Eliminator 2871R testing with Mika Tuned software makes BIG HP.
Eliminator 2.7T & S3/TT 225HP makes further progress in production.
Update 08/04/05:

Addendum to improve instructions, further elaborating on coolant line installation for eliminator GTRS kit.

Addendum to include replacement air injection pump hose for eliminator GTRS kit, that was left out of the original bill of materials (applicable to MY2000 and newer cars equipped with air injection pumps. All GTRS shipped prior to 08/04 effected will be notified and shipped additional hose for installation.

Tech Bulletin: Minor fitment problem found with ATP-VVW-153 (3" Upgraded Inlet Pipe) on MY2000 and MY2001 B5 cars. Effects only 2000 to 2001 cars running Eliminator hardware. P/N: ATP-VVW-153B will be available to replace all effected kits and made available for new orders.
ETA 08/12/05. Thanks to Phil S. in W. Virginia & Okan Z. in Italy.
Update 05/20/05:

The new K03/K04 "Eliminator" series of turbos offers the VW/Audi driver new choices for replacement turbos that will do a lot more than just "replace" the failure prone stock turbos from KKK.

GT2X – Stock appearance, not stock power.

The newly developed “GT2X” bolt-on turbo unit makes for an exceptional replacement for both the K03 and K04 turbo customer who likes their turbo in the stock location utilizing the stock exhaust manifold. This turbo is also for the customer that does not want to miss out on the low end “grunt” or torque of the stock turbo. However with the GT2X, expect to be pleasantly surprised by the flatness of the torque band and linear power delivery all the way to redline. Unlike the K03/K04 series, the GT2X has been designed to allow for a full power band on the 1.8T engine without choking up after 5000 rpm due to excessive backpressure at the turbine (a common problem even for customers that have upgraded from a K03 to K04).

What makes up the GT2X is a combination of a highly efficient small frame Garrett turbo cartridge (consisting of a highly optimized wheel combination that is fully assembled and high speed balanced from the Garrett factory) and an ATP cast exhaust housing that has been designed to further optimize the turbo for the 20V 1.8T allowing it to reach its highest efficiency range during normal operation. The result is nothing short of spectacular – an awesome breathing turbo and engine combination that likes to rev! In terms of performance, the GT2X (even though a non-ball bearing turbo) has the ability to start building boost right off idle speeds with more than 200 ft/lb of torque available from 2500 rpm all the way to redline, giving it the feeling of a powerful V8. This turbo, with its modern GT wheel aerodynamics, has the unique ability to make boost “now” and not make any qualms about holding the boost to redline.

Have no fear about this turbo going KKKaboom. The GT2X turbo shaft is at least 25% larger than any K03/K04 turbo and since this turbo can provide peak HP without going outside of its peak efficiency range, it will not be forced to run at the reliability limits. This turbo happily makes a reliable 275 crank HP on pump gas and close to 300 crank HP on high octane.
Eliminator GT2X Dyno 1
Eliminator GT2X Dyno 2
Eliminator GT2X Dyno 3
GTRS – Big power, small package, still stock appearing.

For those 1.8T customers that have “GT28RS” envy but simply do not want to turn their engine bay upside down to run the “disco potato”, the solution is here. The GTRS is a bolt-on solution using the ultra-efficient and much larger than stock, GT28RS ball bearing turbo popular for making 350+ HP. Tasked with the mission to make the GT28RS bolt in the stock location utilizing all stock components (ie. manifold, downpipe, inlet pipe, etc.) for a stealth appearance, ATP set out to study and test the characteristics of those components that will remain in use with the GTRS turbo once installed. Our findings, surprisingly, leave a lot to the favor of the stock exhaust manifold. Contrary to popular speculation, the stock manifold does perform quite well and when coupled with the right turbo combination, the power can exceed expectations. A lot of the deficiencies in the stock turbo system can be attributed to the low flowing design of the stock turbo and turbine housing itself! The OEM's integration of the original turbo into the 1.8T engine allowed too little flow potential in the stock turbine housing simply to promote exhaust velocity for low end flow. The result is too much backpressure and there lies the cause of the “choking” in the system, causing the lack of power in the high rev range. Confident that we have removed the “bottleneck", which at this point has been identified as the stock turbo itself, we set out to make power with the GT28RS as planned.

"More power and even sooner than expected!"

During our mechanical design stages, we focused on shaping the turbine inlet port of the GTRS’ newly cast exhaust housing to fit the stock exhaust manifold precisely. This allowed for a 1 to 1 alignment and the result was a perfectly contoured entry without any turbulence. What this means is the exhaust gas entry from manifold to turbo will now be close to perfect with negligible resistance. In addition, we found that the slight taper designed into the runners of the stock manifold promotes exhaust gas velocity even further. Further testing resulted in a much quicker GT28RS turbo on a 1.8T engine, at least by 300 rpm faster than any other off the shelf GT28RS turbo driven by an aftermarket manifold on the original T25 flanged turbine housing.

And the rest is butter! The GTRS even in the bolt-on combination has no problem extracting close to 350 Crank HP @ 22 psi of boost on the otherwise stock engine.
Eliminator GTRS Dyno
Additional Notes:

Installation of the Eliminator Series:
Installation of either of the K03/K04 Eliminators kits requires no more time than replacing the stock K03 or going to K04. A complete installation manual has been posted to help guide you through that process.

Smog and Emissions Testing:
With more stringent emissions testing regulations popping up everywhere especially in larger metropolitan cities and in a lot of European countries, we are committed to creating turbo solutions that conform to these newer standards allowing you to have a worry-free high HP vehicle.

Stay tuned as we put the eliminators through various emissions testing standards.


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