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Catalog Home > Flanges/Adapters > Steel/Stainless Flanges > 061-090

Stainless 2.5" to 3" (63mm to 76mm) Weld Transition / Reducer (Formed Stainless) 1" (25mm) Ov. Lengt

Code: ATP-FLS-003
Price: $15.00
Steel - T3 Discharge External WG - 3 bolt to 5 Adapter

Code: ATP-FLS-017
Price: $25.00
Machined 90 Degree Low Profile 3" Slip-on Inlet

Code: ATP-FLS-061
Price: $79.00
Flange, 4" V-Band STAINLESS STEEL (4.75" OD flange, Grooved for 4" OD Tube)

Code: ATP-FLS-064
Price: $24.00
Flapper Valve with Oval Opening Shape - T3 5-Bolt Outlet Flange Pattern

Code: ATP-FLS-067
Price: $95.00
Flange, Standard 3" V-Band STAINLESS STEEL (3.75" OD flange, Grooved for 3" OD Tube)

Code: ATP-FLS-063
Price: $19.95
T3 Turbine Inlet Flange, Divided, Stainless

Code: ATP-FLS-068
Price: $49.00
Discharge Flange for K03 or K04 Turbo FWD 1.8T

Code: ATP-FLS-070
Price: $24.00
Discharge Flange for Stock Turbo FWD/2.0FSI/TSI Golf/Jetta/A3/S3/TT

Code: ATP-FLS-071
Price: $28.00
Discharge Flange for Subaru EJ2X Engines

Code: ATP-FLS-072
Price: $24.00
DOUBLE STEPPED Flange, 2.5" / T31 V-Band MILD STEEL (3.10" OD flange, Grooved for 2.5" & 3" OD Tube)

Code: ATP-FLS-073
Price: $15.95
5 bolt flange, for GT Internally Wastegated T3 Exhaust Housing. *No Stock - No ETA*

Code: ATP-FLS-075
Price: $28.00
3" Turbo V-band Downpipe Assembly for VR6

Code: ATP-VVW-177
Price: $295.00
GReddy BOV Flange for Subaru WRX/STI

Code: ATP-FLS-078
Price: $39.00
HKS BOV Adapter Flange for Subaru WRX/STI

Code: ATP-FLS-079
Price: $39.00
3" MAF Housing - Billet Aluminum-for DENSO Element

Code: ATP-FLS-077
Price: $95.00
Steel flange, GT28R Style Compressor Housing Outlet

Code: ATP-FLS-076
Price: $16.00
3" Stainless O2 Housing/Turbo Discharge Module v.2.0

Code: ATP-VSRT-010
Price: $249.00
2 Bolt 4" Diameter Mild Steel Flange

Code: ATP-FLS-080
Price: $14.00
Flange, Discharge, T4 4 Bolt Round, On Center Turbo, 3" Opening

Code: ATP-FLS-020
Price: $26.00
V2.0 Flange: GT25R/ GT28R/ GT28RS/ GT3071R-WG - Mild Steel

Code: ATP-FLS-081
Price: $26.00
Flange, Turbine Discharge, GT1548

Code: ATP-FLS-082
Price: $26.00
Flange, Steel Weld, 3" V-band, T4 Turbine Hsg, Convert discharge to 81mm centering vband

Code: ATP-FLS-083
Price: $28.00
Discharge Flange T3/GT "T31" Narrow 4 Bolt 2.5" - Stainless

Code: ATP-FLS-084
Price: $24.00
Discharge Flange GT 4 Bolt 3" - Stainless

Code: ATP-FLS-085
Price: $34.00
4" V-band Flange/clamp SET Flat Machined MILD STEEL (4.75" OD Flanges / Grooved for 4" Tube)

Code: ATP-FLS-086
Price: $49.00
Flange, 3" V-Band Flange with Integrated O2 Bung Port, mild steel

Code: ATP-FLS-087
Price: $19.95
Discharge Flange, GT25R/GT28R/GT28RS/GT3071R-WG, Stainless Steel

Code: ATP-FLS-088
Price: $24.00
Turbine Housing Clamps and Bolt Kit, Hardware to fasten CHRA to Turbine Housing

Code: ATP-FST-039
Price: $19.95
Flange, stock K03/K04 Turbine outlet on Audi A4/Passat 1.8T

Code: ATP-FLS-090
Price: $24.00
5" (Special) V-band Stainless Flange-GTX47, GT55, GTX55, GTX50 (5.15" Flange OD Grooved for 5" Tube)

Code: ATP-FLS-092
Price: $34.00