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Garrett GT4088 Journal Bearing Special
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: GRT-TBO-035
Price: $1,370.28
Shipping Weight: 25.00 pounds
Turbine Housing A/R:
1.06 A/R (Default)
.95 A/R
.85 A/R
OPTIONAL: CHRA only; No Compressor or Turbine Housings (-$300.00)
Garrett GT4088 Journal Bearing Special

Garrett GT4088 Journal Bearing. Compressor housing is slip on 4" inlet with anti-surge ported shroud and compressor outlet is 2.5" slip-on. ATP Special Exhaust housing with divided 1.06 T04 Flange with standard 3" V-Band machined into it for easy downpipe compatibility and plug and play replacement for older large frame T-series turbos. Largest trim available in GT40 family capable of making a healthy 700+ HP setup.

-Wheel: 77mm 84 trim
-T4 Housing: .85, .95, or 1.06 A/R
-Maps: Not Available

-Wheel: 88mm 54 trim
-Maps: Not Available

This unit is usually in stock and ships withing 1-2 days.

Applicable Garrett P/N's:


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