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Dyno Data
Dyno Plots and Data plots to illustrate the effectiveness of the various turbo/engine combinations.

Soon to be posted:

- 555 Wheel HP street driven Toyota MR2
- HP/Torque curve for GT30-R on 1.8L 20V engine
- HP/Torque curve for GT35/40-R on 2.0L Stroked 20V engine
- BMW 330I HP/Torque for GT32 on 3.0L 24V engine
- GT42 Implementation on MKIV Toyota Supra
- WRX VF30 vs. GT-R Dual Ball Bearing comparison
- 400+ wheel HP VW VR6 2.8L engine running GT40-R
- GT28RS vs T3/T4 on Integra GSR
- Implementation of GT28RS on Audi A4 1.8T 20V Engine


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