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Coolant Fittings <<Back

14mm Size
Common on Most Small/Medium GT/GTX/G
18mm Size
Larger Frame Turbos

12mm Size
Other Models

Fitting, Metric 14mm to -6AN, Male to Male (For coolant or oil) GT/GTX28 30 35

Code: ATP-FTG-012
Price: $14.95
Fitting, Metric 16mm to 6AN, Male to Male (For coolant or oil)

Code: ATP-FTG-013
Price: $14.95
Fitting, Metric 18mm to 6AN, Male to Male (For coolant, fuel, or oil)

Code: ATP-FTG-014
Price: $14.95
Banjo Fitting Kit for coolant lines - 14mm Machined Alum to 1/4" NPT

Code: ATP-FTG-003
Price: $22.00
14mm Banjo Fitting Set for coolant lines - 3/8" (10mm) Barb (common size)

Code: ATP-FTG-004
Price: $18.00
Banjo Fitting Kit - 14mm With 3/8" Pushlock

Code: ATP-FTG-155
Price: $14.95
ALUM Banjo Fitting, 14mm hole (for 14mm bolt) with -6 AN male flare.

Code: ATP-FTG-052
Price: $19.95
Banjo Fitting Kit, (1) ALUM Banjo fitting 14mm hole (for 14mm bolt) with -6 AN male flare

Code: ATP-FTG-053
Price: $29.90
STEEL Banjo Fitting 14mm Hole - 6 AN male flare

Code: ATP-FTG-145
Price: $9.95
STEEL Banjo Fitting Kit - 14mm With -6 AN Male Flare

Code: ATP-FTG-150
Price: $19.95
Banjo Fitting 14mm (LONG ALUM VERSION) with -6 AN Male Flare

Code: ATP-FTG-135
Price: $24.95
Banjo Fitting Kit For 14mm Hole with -6 AN Male Flare (long ALUM version)

Code: ATP-FTG-140
Price: $29.90
18mm Banjo Fitting Kit for Coolant Connections on GT40R/GT42R

Code: ATP-FTG-006
Price: $24.00
Barbed Fitting, 12mm Single Barb to -6 AN Female - subaru coolant size (larger than common)

Code: ATP-FTG-110
Price: $14.95
Barbed Fitting Kit, 12mm barb (1/2") (bigger than usual) to 14mm banjo - subaru coolant size

Code: ATP-FTG-171
Price: $16.00
Banjo Bolt, 14mm x 1.5 pitch w/ 2 crush washers

Code: ATP-FTG-050
Price: $9.95
Banjo Bolt, 18mm x 1.50 pitch w/ 2 crush washers

Code: ATP-FTG-114
Price: $9.95
Banjo Fitting - 14mm banjo to 1/4" NPT (Banjo Only)

Code: ATP-FTG-002
Price: $14.00

Price: $0.99

Price: $2.50
COPPER CRUSH WASHER / GASKET (SPECIFY DIAMETER: eg 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm)

Price: $0.99

Code: plug-14mm
Price: $5.95
18mm Banjo Fitting Kit, Banjo to -6 AN flare male, M18 x 1.5, Long Nose AN6

Code: ATP-FTG-178
Price: $24.00
Straight Swivel Extender, -6 AN/JIC male/female

Code: ATP-FTG-206
Price: $9.00
End Plug, -6 AN/JIC Male Plug

Code: ATP-FTG-204
Price: $9.00
Reducer Fitting, -6AN (Flare) Female to -4AN (Flare) Male

Code: ATP-FTG-201
Price: $8.00
Banjo Kit, 14mm Long nose Steel -6AN, Compact Allen Head

Code: ATP-FTG-214
Price: $24.95
Banjo Kit, 14mm Long nose Steel -6AN

Code: ATP-FTG-215
Price: $19.95
Fitting, Banjo, 14mm Long nose, Steel, -6 AN male flare

Code: ATP-FTG-170
Price: $9.95
Fitting, 3/8" (10mm) pushlock barb to (-6 AN) 6AN Flare, Male to Male, Straight Adapter

Code: ATP-FTG-022
Price: $8.00
Fitting, Male to Male, Metric, 14mm (1.5 pitch) x -4 AN Flare

Code: ATP-FTG-222
Price: $14.95