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06.25.19Bolt on 650HP for the Subaru WRX/STI...Internally Wastegated Garrett GEN2 GTX3071R! Click for MORE INFO...
06.12.19Garrett GT2860RS...Proven Overachiever, 350HP capable with the best boost response! Click for MORE INFO...
06.10.19Garrett releases the most efficient and well engineered top mounted intercooler upgrade for the FA20T engine on the 2015+ Subaru WRX! Click for MORE INFO...
06.03.19Garrett Gen2 GTX3071R, best spooling 600 HP turbo for the Mazdaspeed3! Click for MORE INFO...
05.23.19Turbo Nirvana! Garrett G42-1450... Drop it in and hit GO! Click for MORE INFO...
05.14.19Muscle! Garrett Gen II GTX5533R... 2500 record setting HP on tap! Click for MORE INFO...
05.07.19Garrett Gen II GTX3071R w/ Divided .61 A/R T3 NiResist Turbine Housing...A twin scroll super power! Click for MORE INFO...
04.26.19Garrett Gen II GTX2860R with TiAL v-band turbine housing...A true winner! Click for MORE INFO...
04.09.19Bolt-On 650 HP for the Subaru WRX/STI...Garrett GenII GTX3071R. Click for MORE INFO...
04.01.19Garrett GT2560R... Big Power! For Smaller Displacement Engines. Click for MORE INFO...
03.22.19All-New Garrett G42-1200C, compact frame with 1200 HP. Click for MORE INFO...
03.18.19Compliment your G/GTX Turbo Upgrade with a Garrett Intercooler for the Ford Focus ST 2.0L. Click for MORE INFO...
03.08.19Garrett G Series G25-550, Power & Spool! Click for MORE INFO...
03.01.19ATP Turbo Race Scoreboard. $10,000 in Payouts in 2019! Click for MORE INFO...
02.18.19Garrett GTX4502R-67mm, dominate the 67mm class with this custom turbocharger. Click for MORE INFO...
02.07.19Garrett GT3582R bolt-on external wastegate turbocharger for the Subaru WRX/STI. Click for MORE INFO...
01.29.19Garrett GEN II GTX4720R turbocharger with high flow 88mm compressor wheel. Click for MORE INFO...
01.17.19Drop-in 1000HP Capable Garrett Gen II GTX3584RS for the Mitsubishi Evo X. Click for MORE INFO...
01.08.19G25-550 externally wastegated turbo for the Ford Focus ST 2.0L Ecoboost. Click for MORE INFO...

12.18.18Ridiculously Quick Spooling! ATP Turbo is now shipping G25-550 and G25-660 Internally Wastegated Turbos. Click for MORE INFO...
12.10.18Garrett® G42 G Series released, 1200-1450HP. Click for MORE INFO...
12.03.18Garrett Gen II GTX3071R with wrinkled black coating compressor housing. Click for MORE INFO...
11.21.18Garrett GT2860RS Turbo (aka Disco Potato), +350HP. Click for MORE INFO...
11.09.18Gen2 GTX2867R Externally Wastegated Ford Focus 2.0L ST Ecoboost Turbo Kit, 550HP. Click for MORE INFO...
10.30.18ATP Turbo is there with Garrett Turbos (Garrett Advancing Motion) at SEMA 2018 to roll out the NEW G42 Turbo. Click for MORE INFO...
10.26.18Garrett GTX3071R Gen II turbo for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T. Raise Your Game! Click for MORE INFO...
10.17.18Garrett GTX2867R Gen II, optimal performance and reliability. Click for MORE INFO...
10.10.18GTX3582R drop-in ready turbo for the Nissan RB25DET engine, 750 HP Click for MORE INFO...
10.03.18Garrett GTX2871R Bolt-On Turbo for the 2.0L Ecoboost Focus ST, 560 HP Click for MORE INFO...
09.25.18Garrett Gen2 GTX2867R bolt-on turbo upgrade for the Subarau WRX/STI, 550 HP. Click for MORE INFO...
09.14.18Garrett Gen2 GTX2867R drop-in turbo upgrade for the SR20DET platform, 550 HP Click for MORE INFO...
09.07.18Garrett GT3076R is one of the legendary GT series turbos that will give you 525 HP. Click for MORE INFO...
09.04.182015+ FORD F-150 3.5L & 2.7L ECOBOOST Garrett Air Cooler. Click for MORE INFO...
09.03.18GEN2 Reverse Rotation - Garrett GTX3076R. Click for MORE INFO...
08.20.18Garrett GTX3584RS - The 1,000HP Ulta Compact GTX GEN II RS Turbo. Available with a T3, T4, Twin-Scroll or V-Band turbine housing. Click for MORE INFO...
08.13.18Garrett GTX4709R GEN II - 1,600HP+ Ulta High Flow 76mm & 80mm turbo with a V-Band, T6, or T4 turbine housing. Click for MORE INFO...
08.06.18Garrett Gen2 GTX3576R with a T4 Twin-Scroll (divided) turbine housing is the 700HP+ solution for ultra responsive twin-scroll setups. Click for MORE INFO...
07.22.18Garrett Gen2 GTX5544R - 102mm & 106mm Large Frame models. Garrett's Most Powerful Turbo Ever. ORDER NOW
07.16.18Garrett Gen2 GTX3076R with a T4 Inlet & V-Band Outlet Turbine Housing. The FASTEST Spooling Garrett "T4 Frame" Gen2 GTX turbo capable of 700HP+ Click for MORE INFO..
07.09.18Available NOW the Garrett Gen2 GTX5020R (76mm, 80mm, or 88mm) with a T6 or V-Band Turbine Housing. Click for MORE INFO..
07.02.18Garrett Gen2 GTX2867R Twin Turbochargers for the Nissan Skyline GT-R RB26DETT. The 1,000HP+ Twin Turbo Bolt-on solution! Click for MORE INFO..
06.25.18The Garrett GTX2971R with a compact V-Band Inlet and Outlet Turbine Housing. The GTX500HP+ Turbo featuring a "trimmed" GTX29 turbine wheel for improved response while supporting BIG top end power! Click for MORE INFO..
06.18.18The 1800HP+ GTX5533R (aka GTX55-94) 94mm race class legal turbo available with a T6 in/V-Band out turbine housing or Stainless V-Band in/out turbine housing. Click for MORE INFO..
06.11.18The 475HP+ Gen2 GTX2860R with an internal wastegate V-Band In & V-Band Out Housing Package. Click for MORE INFO..
06.04.18The GTX4718R - 88mm ulta high flow and most responsive Garrett 88mm turbo solution. Click for MORE INFO..
05.28.18The GTX550HP+ solution with GT28 like spool. Configured with a .63 A/R T3 internal wastegate and 5 bolt outlet turbine housing. Click for MORE INFO..
05.21.18The 300HP+ Garrett GT2560R NOW with a 3" Inlet & 2" Outlet Hose Connections Compressor Housing. Drops right into current GT2860RS or GT2871R turbo kits! Click for MORE INFO..
05.14.18Garrett Gen II GTX5533R - 98mm turbo with a TiAL stainless & lightweight turbine housing. The Gen2 GTX55-98mm 2,500HP+ class legal and race dominating turbo! Click for MORE INFO..
05.07.18Garrett Gen II GTX3582R 850HP+ V-Band Twin-Scroll turbo for big power and fast response. Featuring an optional v-band twin-scroll flange for the turbo manifold. Click for MORE INFO..
04.30.18Garrett Gen II GTX2867R with a .64 A/R T25 Internal Wastegate Turbine Housing & 14PSI Actuator. The quick spooling 500HP+ capable GEN2 GTX small frame turbo! Click for MORE INFO..
04.23.18Garrett Gen II GTX3576R with a 1.03 A/R TiAL Stainless Steel Turbine Housing. The Gen2 GTX750HP+ turbo with big league power from a compact unit that fits and spools like a GT30! Click for MORE INFO..
04.16.18Garrett GTX4088R Twin-Scroll. The GTX 850HP+ turbo with a hi-flow turbine wheel for high V/E or large displacement motors. Available with a T4 divided (twin-scroll) or T3 un-divided turbine housing! Click for MORE INFO..
04.09.18Garrett GTX3071R Twin-Scroll. The GTX 550HP+ with a .78 A/R T3 Divided Housing for quick spool Twin-Scroll setups! Click for MORE INFO..
04.02.18Garrett GTX4202R - 76mm Ball Bearing Turbo available with a T4, T6, or V-Band Housing!!! Click for MORE INFO..
03.26.18NEW Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T - Garrett GEN2 GTX3076R with a TiAL Internal Wastegate!!! The 600HP+ bolt-on solution!!! Click for MORE INFO..
03.19.18Garrett GT3582R - NOW AVAILABLE with a T4 Inlet and V-Band Outlet Turbine Housing to maximize flow of the original GT35R!!!Click for MORE INFO..
03.12.18Mazdaspeed Garrett GEN2 GTX3071R. 600HP+ bolt-on solution & available with an internal or external wastegate for MZR 2.3L MS3, MS6, or CX7!!! Click for MORE INFO..
03.05.18Garrett GEN2 GTX3076R stock location turbo for Subaru WRX STI. RALLY inspired 600HP+ stock location turbo for Subaru EJ setups!!! Click for MORE INFO..
02.26.18Garrett GTX5018R - 88mm Turbo with 1.17 A/R TiAL V-Band Turbine Housing - NEW GTX50 exclusive high flow aero (91mm) turbine wheel with a COMPACT TiAL V-Band turbine housing!!! NOW available through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..
02.19.18Garrett GEN2 GTX3582R Reverse Rotation - NEW 850HP alternative to a regular rotation turbo AND "mirrored" Twin Turbo setups!!! NOW available through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..
02.12.18Garrett GT2860RS + TiAL .52 A/R Turbine Housing = Even Faster response for the quickest spooling 350HP Turbo!!! NOW available through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..
02.05.18Garrett GEN2 GTX3071R Update For the Legendary SRT-4!!! NOW available through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..
01.29.18Garrett GTW3884R - 67mm aka GTW6765R - The HIGHEST flowing 950HP GTW Turbo with a T3 Housing!!! NOW available through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..
01.22.18Subaru WRX STI - Gen2 update for the RALLY inspired and bolt-on Garrett GEN2 GTX2867R!!! NOW available through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..
01.15.18Focus ST - Garrett GEN2 GTX2867R - Even MORE EXPLOSIVE POWER to the popular direct drop-in upgrade turbo for the 2.0L EcoBoost platform!!! NOW available through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..
01.08.18Garrett GEN2 GTX3071R - Compact Frame & Direct Drop-in for GT2860RS & GT2871R! Simply Bolt-on & GO!!! NOW available through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..

12.25.17Evo X - Garrett GEN2 GTX3582R! The mother of all bolt-on turbos for the 4B11T platform!!! NOW available through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..
12.11.17Garrett GEN2 GTX3576R for the EVO X. 100% bolt-on, quick spool, twin-scroll, internal wastegate, and factory style housings available only through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..
12.04.17Garrett GEN2 GTX technology for SR20DET equipped vehicles via "drop-in" unit available only through ATP Turbo & ATP Turbo distribution partners. Click for MORE INFO..
10.31.17Introducing the NEW Garrett G SERIES!!! Featuring brand new turbine wheel and compressor wheel. Click for MORE INFO..
08.01.172015+ Mustang EcoBoost CARB APPROVED Garrett Intercooler NOW AVAILABLE! ORDER HERE!
03.31.17Garrett GTW38 Series (62mm, 64mm, & 67mm Models) NOW AVAILABLE with Stainless Steel Turbine Housing Options! Click Here For Details
03.27.17Garrett GEN2 GTX Vehicle Specific Upgrade Turbo Kits and Bolt-on Solutions - AVAILABLE!
02.03.17NEW Garrett Gen2 GTX Turbochargers NOW AVAILABLE! Complete GEN2 GTX line & specifications available here!

11.02.16Garrett GTX3584RS - 1,000HP GT35 FRAME TURBO NOW AVAILABLE! Product details available here!
11.01.16Garrett GTX Gen2 Reverse Rotation Models - NOW AVAILABLE! Product details available here!
09.27.162,500HP GTX NOW AVAILABLE! Product details available here!

12.22.15NOW AVAILABLE V-band Inlet/Outlet & Ni-Resist Turbine Housings for GTX29 Series (.61, .83, or 1.01 A/R)! Available here!
12.18.15BACK IN STOCK GT30 & GTX30 Series - Internally Gated, T3 Inlet, 5 Bolt Outlet Turbine Housings (.63 or .82 A/R)! Available here!
09.15.15NEW BIG 1.08 A/R - T3 Turbine Housing for GTW3884R (6265R, 6465R, & 6765R)! Product details available here!
08.13.15SHIPPING NOW the new Garrett GTA1749MV a performance OE replacement turbo for Volkswagen TDI 2.0L! Product details available here!
08.06.15NOW AVAILABLE the Garrett GTW3684R(6262R) in V-band Inlet & Outlet Turbine Housings! Product details available here!
06.25.15NEW 98mm Garrett GTX5533R, offers nearly 2,000HP and available now! Product details available here!
05.26.15NEW Garrett GTW Turbo models up to 950HP available now! Complete GTW Turbo lineup & specifications available here!
04.08.15NEW Garrett GTX2871R and GTX29 models available now!

GTX2871R product specifications available here!

Complete GTX29 lineup & specifications available here!
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