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Garrett GT2560R (aka GT28R) Ball Bearing Turbo w/ Selectable Housing Options

Code: GRT-TBO-002
Price: $854.11
Compact Garrett GT2560R (aka GT28R) with V-band In / Out Turbine Housing

Code: GRT-TBO-350
Price: $854.11
Garrett GT2560R 3" in/ 2" out Anti-surge, with Stainless .64 A/R V-band in/out

Code: GRT-TBO-B91
Price: $854.11
Garrett GT2560R - 3" Inlet & 2" Outlet Comp. Hsg. and .64 A/R T25 IWG 5 Bolt Tbn Hsg, 1Bar Actuator

Code: GRT-TBO-C14
Price: $854.11
Garrett GT2560R Flanged Comp Hsg w/ T25 .64 A/R Int W/G, Standard 6-7 psi Actuator

Code: GRT-TBO-H59
Price: $854.11
Garrett GT2560R Flanged Comp Hsg w/ T25 .64 A/R Int W/G, 12-14 psi (hi Pressure) adj. actuator

Code: GRT-TBO-H60
Price: $854.11
Turbocharger, Garrett GT2560R, 3 Bolt Out/ 2 Bolt In Comp Hsg, .64 A/R Stainless V-band Turbine Hsg.

Code: GRT-TBO-K36
Price: $854.11
Garrett GT2560R 3" in / 2" out / Anti-Surge, with VB25 .64 A/R Int W/G, 1 Bar actuator

Code: GRT-TBO-H65
Price: $895.00
Turbocharger, GT2560R, 3" in/ 2" out Anti-Surge, T3 5 Bolt .48 A/R Tbn. Hsg.

Code: GRT-TBO-K64
Price: $854.11
CHRA - Garrett GT2560R (aka GT28R)

Code: CHRA-GT2560R
Price: $609.72
V-band In/Out Turbine Housing for GT2554R & GT2560R (aka GT28R), .64 AR

Code: ATP-HSG-282
Price: $249.00
Turbine Housing Garrett GT2554R/GT2560R T25 Inlet flange, 5 Bolt discharge, .64 A/R

Code: ATP-HSG-369
Price: $259.00
Compressor housing for GT2560R aka GT28R

Code: ATP-HSG-141
Price: $172.54
Aluminum - Oil Drain ( return ) Flange (GT25, GT28, GTX28, GTX29, GT30, GTX30, GT35, GTX35, T25, T28

Code: ATP-FLA-010
Price: $13.95
14mm Banjo Fitting Set for coolant lines - 3/8" (10mm) Barb (common size)

Code: ATP-FTG-004
Price: $18.00
STEEL Banjo Fitting Kit - 14mm With -6 AN Male Flare

Code: ATP-FTG-150
Price: $19.95
3 bolt outlet adapter flange - GT28R/GT25R/T25 Compressor outlet, aluminum

Code: ATP-FLA-011
Price: $39.00
2 Bolt Inlet Adapter Flange GT25/28/28RS, alum, 2.5" OD

Code: ATP-FLA-012
Price: $39.00
Inlet Adapter Flange 3" racing , for GT28R and other 2 bolt Garrett Housings

Code: ATP-FLS-056
Price: $49.00
Steel flange, GT28R Style Compressor Housing Outlet

Code: ATP-FLS-076
Price: $16.00
Wastegate Actuator, High Pressure, Adjustable 12-14 PSI, w/attached narrow 2 Bolt Bracket, GT28R St

Code: ATP-WGT-024
Price: $98.00
Wastegate Actuator 6-7 PSI Rating (GT28R style with integrated bracket)

Code: ATP-WGT-028
Price: $78.00
-4 size Oil inlet fitting for GT28 GTX28 GT30 GTX30 GT35R with built-in .035" RESTRICTOR

Code: ATP-OIL-021
Price: $12.00