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Garrett GT4088R (aka GT40R) Ball Bearing Turbo w/ various Turbine Hsg Options

Code: GRT-TBO-007
Price: $1,811.77
Turbine Housing, GT4088R/ GT4094R/ GTX4088R, 3" V-BAND EXIT

Code: ATP-HSG-007
Price: $414.37
CHRA-GT4088R AKA GT40R - Garrett P/N: 751450-5009S

Code: CHRA-GT4088R
Price: $1,164.92
Compressor Housing for Garrett GT4088R

Code: ATP-HSG-291
Price: $260.10
oring for compressor housing to backplate on GT4088R GT4094R or GT3788R

Code: o-ring GT4088R GT4094R
Price: $6.00
Garrett GT4088R CHRA. # 751450-5009S

Code: 751450-5009S
Price: $1,147.49
Garrett GT3788R; GT4088R Compressor Hsg Kit 52 # 757708-0004

Code: 757708-0004
Price: $276.24
GT4088R Turbocharger 0.85 A/R Garrett # 751470-5001S

Code: 751470-5001S
Price: $1,784.99
GT4088R Turbocharger 0.95 A/R Garrett # 751470-5002S

Code: 751470-5002S
Price: $1,784.99
GT4088R Turbocharger 1.06 A/R Garrett # 751470-5003S

Code: 751470-5003S
Price: $1,784.99
T3 Undivided Turbine HSG, GT4088R, GT4094R, GTX4088R, A/R .89, .99, 1.11, T3 inlet, 3" vb outlet

Code: ATP-HSG-398
Price: $431.37
V-band Entry Undivided Turbine HSG, GT4088R, GT4094R, GTX4088R, A/R .89, .99, 1.11, 3" vb outlet

Code: ATP-HSG-399
Price: $431.37
Supercore, Garrett GT4088R (GT40R) - Turbo W/O Turbine Hsg

Code: GRT-TBO-L14
Price: $1,295.00