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Ball Bearing Garrett GT4718R (aka GT4788-R)

Code: GRT-TBO-054
Price: $2,762.49
Drag Race GT4718R, 56 Trim, 87.8 Inducer, 118 Exducer - Garrett P/N: 775839-2, w/o Turbine HSG

Code: GRT-TBO-176
Price: $2,039.99
Garrett Compressor Wheel, GT4718, 88mm/118mm

Code: GRT-CWH-011
Price: $212.60
GT47 Turbine Housing Garrett T6 Undivided flanged GT4708/GT4718 GTX47

Code: ATP-HSG-014
Price: $683.98
Compressor housing for Garrett GT4718 (88mm)

Code: ATP-HSG-388
Price: $339.00

Code: CHRA-GT4718R-88MM
Price: $1,317.49
Garrett GT4718R CHRA (Racing 84.8mm ind). # 769210-5012S

Code: 769210-5012S
Price: $1,444.99
Garrett GT4718R CHRA (Racing 85.8mm ind). # 769210-5010S

Code: 769210-5010S
Price: $1,444.99
Garrett GT4718 Compressor Hsg # 737942-0019

Code: 737942-0019
Price: $339.99
GT4718 Super Core Garrett # 763740-5002S

Code: 763740-5002S
Price: $1,402.49
GT4718R Super Core Garrett # 775839-5002S

Code: 775839-5002S
Price: $2,039.99
GT4718R Turbocharger 0.96 A/R Garrett # 769112-5005S

Code: 769112-5005S
Price: $2,762.49
GT4718R Turbocharger 1.08 A/R Garrett # 769112-5006S

Code: 769112-5006S
Price: $2,762.49
Garrett GT4718R CHRA (Racing 81.8mm ind). # 769210-5011S

Code: 769210-5011S
Price: $1,444.99
Garrett GT4718R CHRA. # 769210-5002S

Code: 769210-5002S
Price: $1,317.49