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Aluminum - Billet Plug 1" (25mm)

Code: ATP-FLA-001
Price: $5.00
Aluminum - GReddy Type S and RS/RZ 1" Adapter

Code: ATP-FLA-003
Price: $29.00
Aluminum - HKS SSQ 1" Adapter

Code: ATP-FLA-005
Price: $35.00
Garrett GT2560R (aka GT28R) Ball Bearing Turbo w/ Selectable Housing Options

Code: GRT-TBO-002
Price: $854.11
Garrett GT2860RS (aka GT28RS) Ball Bearing Turbo - CUSTOMIZE YOUR HOUSINGS

Code: GRT-TBO-004
Price: $1,009.41
Banjo Fitting Kit for coolant lines - 14mm Machined Alum to 1/4" NPT

Code: ATP-FTG-003
Price: $22.00
V-Band Adapter - GT25/GT28/GT307X-WG Series

Code: ATP-FLS-023
Price: $95.00
Steel - GT25/GT28R/GT28RS & T25/T28 Disch Flange

Code: ATP-FLS-026
Price: $24.00
GT2871R turbo w/o Turbine Housing (GT28RS to GT2871R Upgrade)

Code: GRT-TBO-023
Price: $948.00
Garrett GT2871R Ball Bearing Turbo (standard 56 trim) T25 Int W/G or CUSTOMIZE HOUSING OPTIONS

Code: GRT-TBO-022
Price: $1,232.00
GT3071R-WG Dual BB, 64AR, 84 Trim Turbine, Ball Bearing Turbo (aka GT2971R-84T) W/ HOUSING CHOICES

Code: GRT-TBO-025
Price: $1,337.47
GT3071R-WG Dual BB, 86AR, 90 Trim Turbine, Ball Bearing Turbo (aka GT2971R-90T) W/ HOUSING CHOICES

Code: GRT-TBO-026
Price: $1,337.47
Garrett GT2554R (aka GT25R) Ball Bearing Turbo

Code: GRT-TBO-001
Price: $815.48
Internal Wastegate Actuator WITH ROD END - Special 7 psi

Code: ATP-WGT-019
Price: $93.48
Wastegate Actuator, straight rod, 6 PSI

Code: ATP-WGT-011B
Price: $86.27
Wastegate Actuator with ROD END, 28RS style, 14 PSI, double bent rod, GT/GTX all

Code: ATP-WGT-025
Price: $93.48
Downpipe Discharge Flange with Divorced Ports 2.25" and 1.5"

Code: ATP-FLS-052
Price: $44.00
-4 size Oil inlet fitting for T25/T28 or unrestricted GT25R/GT28R/GT30R/GT35R

Code: ATP-FTG-029
Price: $8.50
Garrett GT2871R 52 trim turbo with GT28R style Compressor Housing NO ACTUATOR

Code: GRT-TBO-036
Price: $1,188.21
Inlet Adapter Flange 3" racing , for GT28R and other 2 bolt Garrett Housings

Code: ATP-FLS-056
Price: $49.00
Wastegate Actuator 6-7 PSI Rating (GT28R style with integrated bracket)

Code: ATP-WGT-028
Price: $78.00
1" Recirculation Adapter for HKS SSQ BOV outlet

Code: ATP-FLA-1000
Price: $18.00
CHRA - Garrett GT2554R (aka GT25R)

Code: CHRA-GT2554R
Price: $543.52