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HKS Flange Adapter Kit for FWD 2.0T FSI stock turbo location

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Code: ATP-VVW-176
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HKS Flange Adapter Kit for FWD 2.0T FSI stock turbo location

Flange Adapter Kit, mounts HKS into stock diverter location on FWD 2.0T FSI engine. Includes specially 3D machined mounting adapter and all hardware to install. Allows the HKS BOV to mount into the stock location and completely replace the leaky electronic diverter valve. Unit has been thoroughly designed to bolt up to the stock turbo compressor housing in the same compact space as the stock electronic valve. The HKS is usually an atmospherically vented BOV and does recirculate back into the intake. This mounting kit allows you to bolt up the HKS and use it in atmospheric mode. Although the HKS can be quite "stable" on the MAF based car such as the 2.0T FSI engine, the ECU generally does not like the BOV being vented to atmosphere and you can encounter "stalling" problems. The adapter kit installs just like replacing a stock electronic diverter valve using the 3 factory bolts, it sits at a very low profile, then the HKS unit bolts on top of that. <Installation Instructions>