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Turbine Housing- new T3 GTinternal WG with built in swingvalve  
Turbine Housing- new T3 GTinternal WG with built in swingvalve Quantity in Basket: None
Code: ATP-HSG-037
Price: $474.50
Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
Turbine Housing A/R Choice:
.63 A/R
.82 A/R
1.06 A/R
Select your turbo:
GT3071R/GT3076R/GT3082R (60mm turbine wheel) and all GTX30
GT35R/GTX35 (68mm turbine wheel)
Turbine Housing, newer style for GT Turbo with T3 internal wastegated with built in swingvalve, with 5 bolt discharge. Use flange: ATP-FLS-075 for discharge (downpipe) mate up ;specify GT3071R, GT3076R, GT35R, specify AR:
Applicable Garrett P/N's:

771300-0013 = 1.06a/r GT35R

771300-0002 = .82a/r GT35R

771300-0003 = .63a/r GT35R

771300-0004 = 1.06a/r GT30R

771300-0005 = .82a/r GT30R

771300-0006 = .63a/r GT30R

771300-0001 = 1.06a/r GT35R, previous part number

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Code Name Price  
GRT-GSK-005 Gasket, T3 Turbine Inlet - UNDIVIDED $6.95
MIA-FST-030 8mm (1.25pitch) Stud $1.00
MIA-FST-031 8mm (1.25pitch) Nut, Locking Head $1.00
ATP-FLS-075 5 bolt flange, for GT Internally Wastegated T3 exhaust housing $28.00
ATP-FST-039 Turbine Housing Clamp and Bolt Kit $15.70
ATP-FLS-160 Low Profile V-Band Adapter Module T3/GT 5 bolt Style $89.00
ATP-FLS-038 Stainless Steel - T3 Inlet Weld Flange $39.00
ATP-FLS-001 Steel - T3 Inlet Weld Flange $23.00
ATP-GSK-075 Stainless Steel Gasket - Garrett T3 Flanged, 5 bolt "GT", & Internally Gated Turbine Housing $9.95
GRT-WGT-008 Internal Wastegate Actuator with ROD END, 6-7 psi $93.48
ATP-WGT-019 Internal Wastegate Actuator WITH ROD END - Special 7 psi $93.48
ATP-WGT-025 Wastegate Actuator with ROD END, 28RS style, 14 PSI $93.48
ATP-WGT-036 Wastegate Actuator with ROD END 28RS style (or high pressure universal), 22 PSI $93.48
ATP-WGT-065 Garrett Adjustable Wastegate Bracket $35.71
ATP-FTG-032 Rod extension kit for Internal wastegates $8.00


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