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Garrett GT3071R Turbo Ball Bearing Turbo  
Garrett GT3071R Turbo Ball Bearing Turbo Quantity in Basket: None
Code: GRT-TBO-020
Price: $1,352.21
Shipping Weight: 19.00 pounds
Turbine Housing A/R:
.82 A/R
1.06 A/R
.63 A/R
.78 A/R (only when selecting divided T3 housing)
.48 A/R (only available on T3 5 Bolt T3/T4 Ford style housing)
.72 A/R (only available on Special T25 EWG-44
.72 A/R (For Cosworth housing)
Select Turbine Housing Style:
T3 Flanged GT 4Bolt 3" Discharge
T3T4 Style Dropin Replacement
K24_K26 .63 or .82 Available Only
T3 Flanged 4 bolt Standard
Divided T3 Housing
GT_Internally Wastegated
T4 Flanged turbine inlet with 3" V-band (1.06AR only)
T25 Plus, T25 Inlet Flanged, T31-V Band Outlet Turbine Housing
Special Turbine Housing T25-EWG-44
Undivided T4 flanged turbine inlet with 3" V-band
Divided T4 flanged turbine inlet with 3" V-band (1.06AR only)
T4 Flanged Tangential Housing with 3" V-band Discharge (.82 A/R Only)
Special Turbine housing - Cosworth style T3 inlet with 3 bolt outlet
Divided T3 Housing
T31 V-band Housing
T3 GT 3" V-band Housing
Please select compressor housing Style:
4" inlet and 2" outlet
2.75" inlet and 2" outlet
3.00" inlet and 2" outlet (Alternate compact housing used on 2871R)
4" Inlet 2.5" Outlet (Alternate T04S Hsg like used on GT35R)
2.385" Inlet 2" Outlet (smallframe T3 used on some factory applications)
Super Compact housing used on the GT2554R
4" inlet and 2.5" outlet .70 A/R T04S frame
Optional Polished Housing($75):
Polished Option
  Anti-Surge Maching Option
Garrett Part Number Selection (Optional):

Turbo is the newest addition to the Garrett Ball Bearing Line up. It fills in the requirements for small displacement 4 cyl. engines and has a excellent response characteristics. It spools up 1,000 RPM sooner than the older GT30R. Compressor housing is T04E frame size with 2.00 outlet. Compressor inlet is available with 2.75 or 4.00 inlet. Standard (default) turbine housing is first one listed (T3 inlet with 3" 4 bolt "GT" conical discharge flange) and various other turbine housing options are available for easy retrofit into applications where your turbine housing type is already dictated by your current turbo. Please note: Turbine housing choice will determine final calculated cost of turbo in the shopping basket.

-Wheel: 60mm w/ 84 trim
-Housing: .63 ar, .82 ar, 1.06 ar

-Wheel: 71mm w/ 56 trim
-Housing: .50 ar

This unit is usually in stock and ships withing 1-2 days.

This is the full size GT3071R with the full size 60mm turbine wheel which is the same turbine wheel found on the full size GT3076R.

Applicable Garrett P/N's:






Note: There are two other GT3071R variants that have smaller versions of the turbine wheel (56.5mm) made to fit into the T25/GT28 style internally wastegated exhaust housings. Those are identified as "GT3071R-WG" units.

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